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Dr. Itiel Dror

Principal Consultant & Researcher

Cognitive Consultants International (CCI)

PhD (1994), Psychology, Harvard University or

Dr Dror's academic work relates to theoretical issues underlying human performance and cognition. His research examines the information processing involved in perception, judgment and decision making. Dr. Itiel Dror has published over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles and his work has been covered by Science and by Nature. See list of Projects and Events

Dr. Dror's speciality is in taking the most theoretical scientific understanding of the human mind, brain and cognition, and translating it into practical and tangible ways to improve human performance in real world domains. This applied research and consultancy has primarily focused on enhanced cognition through training, decision making, and use of technology. For example, Dr Dror has advised how to use technology (e.g., interactive videos, web design, gaming) to make training more effective, helped organisations understand the cognitive aptitudes and skills needed for specific task performance (and designed tools useful to predict job performance and for selection & screening), developed ways to minimize expert examiners’ vulnerability to confirmation and other cognitive biases, and conducted research and training on how to best utilize technology in the workplace. For more information on specific areas, see Medical HealthcareForensic & Biometric IdentificationTraining, Decison Making, and  Cognition & Technology.

The applied research and consultancy has taken place in a variety of countries and has included governmental bodies (such as the UK Passport and Identity Services; the US Air Force; and Police Forces in the UK, the US, the Netherlands and Israel) and commercial companies (such as Orange, Deutsche Bank, PWC, and IBM), as well as providing expert reports and testimonies in court cases (such as in the Levi Bellfield case in the High Criminal Court at the Old Bailey in London). 

Dr. Itiel Dror has received the ABP (Association for Business Psychology) Annual Chairman's Award, for the best achievements and excellence in Business Psychology. 


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